Soon: VIDE 2.0.2 New Features

Hello! Here’s a preview.

Besides the incoming VIDE Lite version, I’ve listened to your feedback and I’ve been working on a few new features. Some of these are:

  • *Rearrange comments in the VIDE Editor
  • *Select and drag multiple nodes in the VIDE Editor
  • New per-comment visibiliy NodeData variable to hide comments from the array of comments. Also settable from the VIDE Editor.
  • GetNext() method for VD and VD2. Simulates Next() and returns next node’s NodeData variable without modifying current nodeData.
  • BeginDialogue overload and VD method to pass sprite/audio arrays to (optionally) remove the use of a Resource folder.
  • Unityscript example scene communicating with VIDE_Data (C#)

* Not included in VIDE Lite

Hopefully, these features will improve the experience and usefulness 🙂
Might be ready for next week.