What is VIDE Dialogues?

VIDE is a plugin for Unity3D that simplifies the creation of complex, interactive dialogues by providing the user with a powerful node interface. VIDE organizes the node data of the created dialogues and presents it to the coder in a friendly, raw fashion. It is designed to be bindable to any sort of UI system like NGUI.

Unlike some other options, this system will not work out-of-the-box. Why? Because it is you the one who creates the dialogue manager, which takes the node data (the variables) you receive from the VIDE system and applies it to the GUI. Why like this? So that you have full control over your dialogues and data. You choose what goes where, and only apply the features you actually need.

But! You can either setup your manager from scratch (which is very easy) or simply use one of the demo managers the plugin comes with and build up (or down) from there.

Some of the features included:

  • Add sprites, audios, text, tags, and more
  • Manipulate dialogue during runtime
  • NPC and Player-styled nodes
  • Multiple comments per node
  • Multiple media per comment
  • Limitless, multiple-choice comments
  • Call your in-game methods
  • Not limited to conversations only
  • Static or instanced data managers.
  • Customizable editor skins
  • Built-In localization system
  • Compatible with all GUI plugins
  • Compatible with most localization plugins
  • All source code in C#. Includes JS demo

Link to Asset Store

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