VIDE 2.2 out now!


I hope you’re enjoying VIDE! Besides adding new features and fixing some bugs, this update focuses on creating a better starting point for new users. Here’s the full changelist:

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VIDE 2.1 Changelist


I’ve been working on a couple of features for a new update. Here’s the tentative changelist:

  • Fixed localization variables accessibility (You no longer use “_” before localization variable names).
  • Added Mini Map to the VIDE Editor. Improves navigation, visibility, and productivity by providing the user with a map version of the dialogue.
  • Added SaveState() and LoadState() methods to VDs and VA to save and load states. This easily helps you restore changes made to ExtraVariables, overwriteStartNodes, etc., between game sessions.
  • Added ToIntArray and ToStringArray methods to VD class. Saves you the need for splitting and parsing individual elements.
  • Added saving to main demo.
  • Added “Condition Guy” character to main demo scene. It has a dialogue that works with conditions.
  • Fixed dragging selected nodes while dragging new ones
  • Fixed Singles allowing Thousands (commas) when parsing Extra Variables. Strings containing commas will remain as strings.
  • Recolored nodes and exposed many skin-related variables. Customize them at VIDE/Data/Editor/Editorstyles.prefab
  • Improved beziers in the VIDE Editor.
  • Fixed Texture2D memory leaks when using the VIDE Editor.
  • Updated Documentation

The two main features are Save States and Mini Map.

As explained above, save states will let you save changed made to Extra Variables, comment visibility, and VA-related variables. This is to easily restore those changes between game sessions; a feature that had been missing for a long time. The main demo (“PlayerInteraction”) will now have saving integrated.  You will be able to check the updates scripts plus the updated Documentation to get to know the methods.

On the other hand, the Mini Map is a new view mode for the VIDE Editor which will provide, firstly, better visibility of the whole dialogue:


You can also click another node to travel to it and modify the contents of it from here. You cannot create new, move, or re-connect nodes from here.

You will be able to access the MiniMap from the toolbar or by hitting Space.

VIDE Lite will not have these two new features, but some of the others might be included.

The update should be up next week.



Soon: VIDE 2.0.2 New Features

Hello! Here’s a preview.

Besides the incoming VIDE Lite version, I’ve listened to your feedback and I’ve been working on a few new features. Some of these are:

  • *Rearrange comments in the VIDE Editor
  • *Select and drag multiple nodes in the VIDE Editor
  • New per-comment visibiliy NodeData variable to hide comments from the array of comments. Also settable from the VIDE Editor.
  • GetNext() method for VD and VD2. Simulates Next() and returns next node’s NodeData variable without modifying current nodeData.
  • BeginDialogue overload and VD method to pass sprite/audio arrays to (optionally) remove the use of a Resource folder.
  • Unityscript example scene communicating with VIDE_Data (C#)

* Not included in VIDE Lite

Hopefully, these features will improve the experience and usefulness 🙂
Might be ready for next week.