NEW VIDE 2.0.2!


Here’s a new update with some new features.

Check out the new FAQ section!

Always backup before updating!

2.0.2 Changelist:

  • RENAMED UpdateComment and UpdateExtraVariables to SetComment and SetExtraVariables. Please update your scripts correspondingly.
  • Rearrange comments in the VIDE Editor
  • Select and move multiple nodes
  • Fixed GetNodeData(string, int, bool) nullifying currentPlayerStep during a dialogue, which could return errors.
  • New comment visibility flag. Set it from the inspector and through SetVisible method.
  • New spriteDatabase and audioDatabase variables to remove the need of Resources folder.
  • Added JS example scene.
  • Added a Quest Chart demo object to example1 scene.
  • Localization: Fixed exceptions with new languages.
  • Localization: Added ‘Copy Localization from Default’. Copy localized node data from default language to current.
  • Updated documentation.


Note: If you are updating from before 2.0. There are some steps you need to follow in order to update safely.

I hope you enjoy the new update!


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