VIDE Lite – free version

In order to give people a chance to try out VIDE’s core features, I’ll be working on a free lite version of the asset.

It is my understanding that a lot of people would rather go for assets that will demand less coding and managing, but I also acknowledge the fact that a lot of people would prefer some control over the data as well. I think VIDE might deserve the free version it started out with, regardless of the little recognition it has. I also understand that not everyone has the means for buying, as inexpensive as it might be; I was there too.

As expected, the Lite version will have fewer features, but it will keep what I believe it to be its core charm: freedom to handle dialogue and node data.

Thanks to all of the few people who have given the asset a chance. Your support and feedback has motivated me and taught me a lot.

Perhaps it will be ready for next week. 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!







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