VIDE 2.0.1 update

Here’s an update that fixes and improves a few things:

  • Renamed isLoaded variable to isActive. The name was misleading. Please replace the names properly in your scripts.

  • Localization & Loading/Unloading variables and methods removed from VD2. Use VD to handle those. If you are already calling any of the pertinent methods, replace, for example, “data.LoadDialogues()” with “VD.LoadDialogues”. You no longer need to call it on each instance. 
  • Fixed inability to dock VIDE Editor
  • Null check for method fetch. Action Nodes would return exceptions when clicking ‘Reset and Fetch’ while you had missing MonoBehaviors attached to game objects.
  • You can now safely add sub-folders inside the VIDE/Resources/Dialogues folder to organize your dialogues.
  • Removed autofocus
  • VD2 instance will no longer load dialogues to memory separately. It is now synced.
  • Fixed node duplication referencing Extra Variables
  • Added VD.GetNodeData overload to get node data from an inactive dialogue.
  • Example scene 1 art overhaul

If you are updating from a version before 2.0, please follow the steps states here in order to update.

Asset Store Link

I hope you enjoy the update 🙂
If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate on contacting me.


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