VIDE 2.0 out now!

2.0 establishes the change from free to paid. It has significant changes that will impact old users. Please read further to know how to safely update to 2.0.


  • First version of built-in localization.
  • Removed NPC nodes. Now it’s just Dialogue nodes and Action nodes.  You can toggle between NPC and Player formats for the Dialogue Node.
  • VIDE_Data now a namespace to access VD and VD2 class.
  • You can now use VD2 class to create multiple instances and manage multiple dialogues at the same time.
  • VIDE_Data component in the scene is now optional.
  • VIDE_Assign component in the scene is now optional.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with the Undo system. You can now safely undo dialogue deleting and loading.
  • Per-comment Audio and Sprite slots.
  • You can now duplicate nodes by right clicking them.
  • Added grid and snapping to Editor
  • Moving a node will now mark the dialogue as dirty.
  • Added “Go to Node” predefined action to Action Node
  • Added ‘UpdateComment’ method to VIDE_Data
  • Added ‘GetExtraVariables’ overload to VIDE_Data
  • Added ‘GetNodeData’ methods to VD.
  • Added ‘BeginDialogues’ overload.
  • Added ‘GetLanguages’ and ‘SetCurrentLanguage’ methods.
  • Added ‘GetAssigned’ and ‘SetAssigned’ to manage non-component VIDE_Assign.
  • Added another demo character to the example1 scene.
  • Added example3 scene which covers a new UI Manager and localization.
  • Changed Editor view mode for better performance. Canvas is no longer infinite.
  • Fixed duplicate ID bug when manually duplicating the .json dialogue files.
  • Improved the node view focusing.
  • Autofocus on startNode when loading dialogue.
  • Fixed some unexpected behaviors when using SetNode method.
  • Fixed some unexpected behaviors when using Action Node.
  • Fixed exampleUI.cs allowing you to scroll through comments on NPC nodes and thus returning exceptions.
  • Added News Checker to the toolbar.
  • Added Dialogue Search to Editor.
  • Added Assign View menu to the Editor. Will let you easily inspect and assign dialogues to gameobjects.
  • Fixed undraggable Editor after releasing node outside window.
  • Polished VIDE_Assign Inspector refresh.
  • PathToVide deprecated. VIDE will now automatically detect new folder location in project.
  • Changes to NodeData variables.
  • Moved Editor folder to Data folder.
  • Minor fixes and polishing.
  • Updated Documentation.

Updating from 1.2:

You might want to update from 1.2 if you’re currently working on a project and wish to continue with the new features. In that case, you can do so, but there are various changes you have to be aware of. Here are some steps to update:

  2. When importing the new package, make sure the VIDE folder is at the root of the project, otherwise, files will not copy properly.
  3. When imported, drag and drop the EDITOR folder inside VIDE to the DATA folder.
  4. You should be able to safely open the VIDE Editor now. Old dialogues should load up correctly in the new format.
  5. You now access VIDE_Data data through VD class. Use the VIDE_Data namespace: using
  6. If you’re accessing variables/methods/events through VIDE_Data, replace (Ctrl+H) all “VIDE_Data.” with “VD.“. vd
  7. NodeData’s variables have been simplified and changed, make sure you also replace them accordingly in your custom scripts:
    1. currentIsPlayer -> isPlayer
    2. playerComments -> comments
    3. npcComments -> comments
    4. npcCommentIndex -> commentIndex
    5. selectedOption -> commentIndex
    6. playerTag -> tag
    7. [2.0.1 and on] isLoaded -> isActive
  8. You should be good to go now. If you are having issues, please don’t hesitate on contacting me. I’ll do whatever I can to help you out.

These were necessary changes to make the tool better :).
No new heavy modifications like these are expected again in the future.

Online Documentation Updated

Demo scenes now playable in browser

Follow the new Twitter page to keep up to date!

Link To Asset Store

I hope you enjoy the new update! If you’re new, I hope you like VIDE! 🙂


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