VIDE 2.0 New Features


I’ve been working on lots of improvements and fixes for the new 2.0 version. Lots of refactoring and optimizing as well, as there was a lot of old code that wasn’t really cleverly written.

The should be available this week (5/15/2017).

Here’s the final changelist:

  • First version of built-in localization.
  • Removed NPC nodes. Now it’s just Dialogue nodes and Action nodes.  You can toggle between NPC and Player formats for the Dialogue Node.
  • VIDE_Data now a namespace to access VD and VD2 class.
  • You can now use VD2 class to create multiple instances and manage multiple dialogues at the same time.
  • VIDE_Data component in the scene is now optional.
  • VIDE_Assign component in the scene is now optional.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with the Undo system. You can now safely undo dialogue deleting and loading.
  • Per-comment Audio and Sprite slots.
  • You can now duplicate nodes by right clicking them.
  • Added grid and snapping to Editor
  • Moving a node will now mark the dialogue as dirty.
  • Added “Go to Node” predefined action to Action Node
  • Added ‘UpdateComment’ method to VIDE_Data
  • Added ‘GetExtraVariables’ overload to VIDE_Data
  • Added ‘GetNodeData’ methods to VD.
  • Added ‘BeginDialogues’ overload.
  • Added ‘GetLanguages’ and ‘SetCurrentLanguage’ methods.
  • Added ‘GetAssigned’ and ‘SetAssigned’ to manage non-component VIDE_Assign.
  • Added another demo character to the example1 scene.
  • Added example3 scene which covers a new UI Manager and localization.
  • Changed Editor view mode for better performance. Canvas is no longer infinite.
  • Fixed duplicate ID bug when manually duplicating the .json dialogue files.
  • Improved the node view focusing.
  • Autofocus on startNode when loading dialogue.
  • Fixed some unexpected behaviors when using SetNode method.
  • Fixed some unexpected behaviors when using Action Node.
  • Fixed exampleUI.cs allowing you to scroll through comments on NPC nodes and thus returning exceptions.
  • Added News Checker to the toolbar.
  • Added Dialogue Search to Editor.
  • Added Assign View menu to the Editor. Will let you easily inspect and assign dialogues to gameobjects.
  • Fixed undraggable Editor after releasing node outside window.
  • Polished VIDE_Assign Inspector refresh.
  • PathToVide deprecated. VIDE will now automatically detect new folder location in project.
  • Changes to NodeData variables.
  • Moved Editor folder to Data folder.
  • Minor fixes and polishing.
  • Updated Documentation.

The update will have an impact on old users. If you’re an old user, you’ll have to Ctrl+H some variable names. This version should also properly load old .json dialogue files. More info on compatibility will be given before the update.

Here are some pics:


Assign View. Easily search and assign dialogues to gameobjects.
For dealing with lots of dialogues, filtered search.


ETA: 1 week.


One thought on “VIDE 2.0 New Features

  1. schoty April 30, 2017 / 3:41 am

    Looking forward to this update!


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