VIDE: Hotfix, events and refactoring

With the previous update, I realized I should’ve added OnNodeChange and OnEnd event to create a better and more optimal code structure.

I added the events and now I’m completely refactoring exampleUI.cs. I really didn’t like the way it was written; it was kind of messy. With the refactoring, it is actually looking like a good template structure to start with. Not that the original wasn’t useful, but it was outdated.

I’m also thinking of making a video demo/tutorial and add it to the store page. Might help some people.


With the last update, I accidentally broke ActionNodes that call methods with no parameters. You can get the hotfix here meanwhile I upload to the Store. The package already includes the refactored exampleUI.cs

Also, if after the last update you are getting the wrong dialogues being loaded when starting a conversation, you need to reselect them in the “Assigned dialogue” field within the VIDE_Assign component attached to the object. Now they will have the correct dialogue index. This¬†happened because of a necessary fix I made.

When creating a new dialogue, the VIDE Editor will not correctly open it for you. You have to manually select it from the list. I will fix this for the next update this week.


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