VIDE Dialogues 1.1.3 – Loading/Unloading and predefined actions

There’s a new version up with a couple of new features:)

As the project grows, you might find yourself with hundreds of big dialogues. Depending on the machine, it might or might not take a little while to load the dialogues when starting a conversation.

To prevent undesired delays when starting a conversation, I added a few methods to load all or specific dialogues whenever you want, like at game launch, for example.

Regarding Action Nodes, I added an OnActionNode event you can subscribe to in order to add even more functionality. To remove the need for writing certain methods, I also added predefined actions that will allow you to easily change the OverrideStartNode and dialogue name.


The idea is to continue adding predefined actions as I receive feedback from you. If you have any suggestion for it, please don’t hesitate on hitting me up.

Link to asset store

Check the updated documentation for more information 🙂

Full Changelog:

– Now you can Load and Unload dialogues to memory whenever you want by calling LoadDialogues() and UnloadDialogues().
– Added OnActionNode event to Action Nodes.
– Added predefined actions to Action Nodes (OverrideStartNode and Rename Dialogue)
– Updated VIDE_Data’s Inspector content.
– Added Load Tag to Editor Tools within the VIDE Editor.
– Fixed VIDE Editor not sorting list after creating a new dialogue.
– Minor fixes and improvements.
– Updated example1.scene and Documentation.


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